Winning the Persuasion Game, One Customer at a Time
Why Talk To Me

Unlike some internet marketing experts, I cut my teeth at the offline coalface – face to face, belly to belly. I sold millions of dollars of products offline before I generated a single lead (or sale) online.

Fast forward to today and I’ve now sold millions of dollars worth of products online.

I’ve been using these techniques for years in my own business. Techniques that have enabled me to quit the rat race and travel the world as a digital nomad.

If you’re a business owner, and you want to attract more customers (who pay you top dollar), you can schedule a strategy session with me.  We could discuss:

  • How to build influence and authority in your niche so that people seek you out, and WANT to do business with you.
  • How to tweak your website messaging so it instantly generates more leads and sales.
  • How to grow your sales without spending more money on advertising – in fact, you may spend less.
  • How to dramatically increase the average value of a customer.

I will put aside 30 to 60 minutes (at no cost to you)  to show you how to attract more ‘A’ class customers and clients.

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The Shocking Truth About Most Businesses

Here is the problem with most businesses:

  • They attract too many of the wrong customers and not enough of the right ones.
  • They are not properly differentiated from their competitors.
  • They spend too much money on ads and promotions yet fail to exploit the existing ‘assets’ that already exist in their company.

If you identify with at least one of the above points, read on and learn about a smarter way to do business.

A Better Way to Attract Customers

Here is where your business needs to be:

The trusted authority in your niche.

Get it right and the best quality people will beat a path to your door, credit card in hand.

Because the internet has now become the number 1 source of information for consumers, your website should be the hub for your marketing activities (even if you do most of your business offline).

But here is the problem:

Most websites suck! Sure, they often look nice, but a pretty site is NOT going to entice visitors to hang around, salivating for more.

We’ve reviewed thousands of websites, and although many of them look great, the messaging is decidedly ho-hum and doesn’t satisfy the ‘so what?’ test.

So that’s what we can do for you. We will tweak your messaging (or give it a full makeover). This will encourage people to stay longer on your site. The longer they stay, the more likely it is they’ll reach out and make an inquiry.


The Potency of Great Messaging

Great messaging can do this for your business:

  • Desire Building Content Boosts Conversions.  You build desire by educating visitors about your unique selling proposition. Many will make an in principal decision to buy, even before they’ve seen your product, or spoken to anyone in your business.
  • Fewer Price Shoppers. Instead of wasting time with price shoppers you will attract better quality customers who are happy to pay more money.
  • More Word of Mouth Sales. Great messaging also has the potential to improve customer word of mouth.  A customer visits your website and is so impressed with what she sees that she shares it with her friends.

Free Offer – Grab It Now

We will give you 30 to 60 minutes (by phone or Skype) for brainstorming, including specific strategies on how to radically improve the messaging on your website. That’s a $300 value. We’ll always be focused on skyrocketing your income by showing you how to attract customers who pay you top dollar.

All we ask for in return is a testimonial and the opportunity to build a valuable relationship.  Results matter, so that is our focus with you – to give you valuable ideas you can use straight away.

Book your Free (‘No Sales Pitch’) Consultation Now 

Question and Answers

What Exactly Do You Do?

We will help you attract more ‘A’ class customers who will spend more money with you.   We do it by tweaking or upgrading the messaging on your website.

We can also improve the messaging for your sales letters, proposals, quotes, emails, ads and brochures.  In fact, any text-based communication you have with customers and prospective customers can often be dramatically improved.

Improved messaging will help position your business as the authority in your niche.  But more than this: it will boost desire so that more visitors to your website will make an inquiry.  People will seek you out and WANT to do business with you.

We can help you with:
  • Authority Positioning
  • Brand Building
  • Web Sites That Convert
  • Words That Sell

How Much Do You Charge?

Everything starts with our Marketing Audit.  For a modest sum, we will audit your current messaging on your website.  We can also review your email templates, sales letters, ads, proposals, and quote formats, etc.  The Audit will give you specific strategies and instructions on how to effect significant improvements in the way you communicate with prospective and current customers.

The Audit will give you specific strategies and instructions on how to effect significant improvements in the way you communicate with prospective and current customers.

If you want to implement the recommendations yourself or outsource them to a third party service, you can do that.

On the other hand, if you want to engage us to do the work, the investment required will depend on the scope of the work needed to get you an awesome result.  We will give you a written quote at the time. Please make an inquiry about our Marketing Audit HERE.

Do I Have to Meet You Face to Face?

No. We conduct meetings via the phone and Skype.

How Can I Be Sure You Will Deliver a Great Result?

We guarantee the quality and efficacy of our Marketing Audit. We will not perform a marketing audit if we don’t believe it will reveal strategies that will grow your business.

If you also engage us to complete the work (as identified by the Marketing Audit), we guarantee you will be happy with the work we do for you.  If not, we will keep working on the project (at our cost) until you are delighted with the result.

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